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Video games have always had a fond place in my heart. Listening to great performances in games I played growing up, from Bioware and Obsidian RPGs to early Blizzard work was one of the reasons I became enamoured with voice acting in the first place.

Over time the investment (both creatively and financially) into games and particularly the quality of the writing, directing and acting has made performances far deeper and emotive, relying less on traditional game archetypes and clichés.

This means the great task of a game voice over is to not only act believably, often in other-worldly or 'creaturely' ways, but to drive that performance just with your voice and create a fully fledged character.

And if you need to record a few extra NPCs separate from the main recording and you want them to sound distinct, I can provide a range of accents from continental Europe, the UK and the US, with varying degrees of thickness to suit the character. Years of living in foreign countries and studying languages and accents does have it's uses!

So, whether it's a villain who thinks he's right, a wizened orc mage at the top of the mountain, or the charming mayor from a small town who's hiding something, I want you to care about the character and their journey, not just get the lines in a funny voice.

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