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Medical voice over is a particular speciality of mine.

Whether the piece of content is directed at educating doctors/physicians, nurses, scientists or anyone else working in the field, or perhaps a celebration/sizzle video of a soon to launch new drug that will help millions of people live with chronic conditions with more dignity, my voice can make sure your message really hits home.

High quality medical training can make a huge difference to the way that medical professionals can help their patients, and the right voice over can tie everything together and make sure the content stays in people's brains.

No matter how complicated the script is, (or how many 8 syllable words there are!), your final recording will not only have perfect pronunciations, but sound like I say these words every day and live in that world, rather than just correct (but strained!) reading.

Making a difference in this way is one of my favourite things to do in voice over. I'd love to help you with your medical script.


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