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So much training and development content has now gone fully digital, and this was only expedited by working from home and the Covid-19 pandemic.

I used to work in the corporate world, so I sat through my fair share of software and health & safety trainings. One thing I learnt for certain? If you don't have a good voice over, you fall asleep and none of the info goes in.

Great educational voice over is subtle. It doesn't try to make you feel huge emotions or sharply push you to buy something. Instead it plays the role of steering the ship, keeping the lights on - something you don't notice until it's wrong.

But the power it has to equip a team or entire workforce with the understanding they need to do their job better, and maintain legal and professional standards is undeniable.

Many voice overs sound like they don't fully understand what they're saying with e-learning, and this isn't surprising. I'm an actor, so of course I don't know exactly how a data controller is different to a data processor in GDPR, or how trastuzumab affects HER2 receptors to treat cancer. But with a top tier understanding of language structure, and how all the pieces fit together, I can sound like I do.

Whether you're looking for a more formal authoritative read for your blue chip GDPR course, or something more colleague-to-colleague level in a retail or hospitality environment, I can provide the e-learning voice over you're looking for.


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