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We all have our favourite commercials. Does anyone even watch the Superbowl for the sport? It shows how something as salesy as an ad can have such an emotional impact on people.

A great commercial voice over can elevate your product and connect with your audience, without ever feeling like it's pushing something on you.

Often the last piece of the puzzle, the voice over artist has the job of culminating the thread created and passed on by every stage of the production, from copywriter to photographer to on camera talent and more.

Nothing gets me as excited as top quality commercial voiceover jobs, as I know how much talent has gone into the work by the time I see the script, and I get to flex my musical, language and acting skills all at once.

I have extensive training with LA based voice coach Nancy Wolfson in commercial voiceover, and have voiced national campaigns in both the US and Europe for multinational brands like Jaguar Land Rover and Columbia Sportswear.

So, if you're looking for a dose of effortless opulence, a sarcastic onlooker, or a bright, optimistic young dad, get in touch.


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